Breast Augmentation with your Specialists in Turkey

You have taken your time for deciding to have a breast augmentation with personal wishes and want to have it performed with the gentle operation from experienced beauty specialists in Turkey. Have your dream of a beautiful cleavage full-filled.

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Our team of Aesthetic Travel in Antalya is constantly in contact with the most renowned cosmetic surgeons. Just contact us and ask us.

Breast Augmentation from Consultation to individual Treatment Concept

Because your breast augmentation has at the end to fit to your vision and wishes, our plastic surgeons take the time to an extensive and personal consultation. Your wishes for a gorgeous cleavage, with also your health in concern, to the material of the implants and the surgical technique, everything will discussed in detail. Possible risk alternative techniques will be mentioned, as well as the costs for a breast augmentation in Turkey. Every single one patient comes with this to an individually adapted treatment concept.

Breast Implants – Important are Quality and Durability

A constant medical development and improvement of the breast augmentation techniques make it for the cosmetic surgeons of Turkey possible, to select from a large selection of breast implants. You want to enjoy for a long time your well-formed breast, that’s why the selection of size, form and texture is essential for the success of plastic surgery.

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How the Cosmetic Surgeons proceed with a Breast Augmentation?

Our Turkish cosmetic surgeons have long years of expertise and show sensitiveness to their patients in relation to harmonical shaping of breast proportions.

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Regarding a breast augmentation, preparations have to be made. The cosmetic operation and the aftercare operations are conform with European medical and technical standards. Every step is taken with caution and attention to detail for a convincing result.

Breast Augmentation in Antalya – The surgical Procedure

Our cosmetic surgeons will put you under general anaesthetic for this operation, even when you will be operated as an outpatient. An anaesthesia team will be there and inform you detailed about before and after the surgery.

Your selected breast implants will be placed under the pectoral muscle. The cuts will be made in natural folds.

Natural-looking Result

The procedure of your cosmetic surgeon gives you a natural result of your breast augmentation. This will be far away from the “silicon breasts”!

Aesthetic Travel will be happy to facilitate an appointment with one of the Turkish specialists for breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation – at a Glance
  • Duration of Treatment

    1 - 3 Hours

  • Hospitalization

    1 Day

  • Regeneration

    4 Days

  • Costs

    from 2,300 EUR

When is a Breast Augmentation reasonable?

A breast augmentation is adequate for women, who think her breasts are too small in relation to the body proportions. Also for women with deformations of their breasts after pregnancies of heavy loss of weight. There are also reasons for an operative correction with inborn deformations, asymmetries, and differences in volume.

Are there Alternatives to Silicon Implants?

Breast implants are available in various versions. Every Implantat has a sleeve made of silicon filled with silicon gel or a saline solution. Both give the bearer a comfortable feeling. The consistency is close to the natural breast tissue. In your consultation all available breast implants will be introduced to you.

Do silicone-filled implants have to be exchanged?

Silicon implants of the newest generation are very stable and have a great durability. In an ideal situation they can stay a life long in place. Exchange is only needed by complications and pain, otherwise an exchange is not needed.

How safe are breast implants made of silicone? Can they burst or leak?

Our highest priority is the safety of our patients. That’s the reason why we only use breast implants von world renowned and tested producer. Modern implants will not leak even in case of damage. After your breast augmentation you can do sport, can take long air travel and enjoy an active life.

Where will the Cuts be by a Breast Augmentation?

There are three operative approches. Most surgeons will make a small cut in the inframammary fold. This cut is almost not recognizable. Another approach can be through the armpit. With this method there will be no scar at all in the breast region. The approach via the nipples is used only seldom. Your surgeon will examine and select the best approach in your case.

Are there risks? What complications can occur after breast augmentation?

Every surgery bears some risks. This can be minimized with the use of modern medical techniques. Most complications arise from the colour change in the hematoma or post-operative haemorrhage. In rare cases feelings of tension or tissue hardening (capsular contracture) with pain. If the tissue hardening is to large it has maybe to be removed by surgery.

Can I breastfeed after breast augmentation?

Yes, normally, the ability to breastfeed is fully preserved even after a breast augmentation. Breast implants don’t have any harmful impact on mother’s milk.

Breast Augmentation Before After

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