Like a man’s nose…

Nasenkorrektur – So wie die Nase eines Mannes, eine Nasenkorrektur kostet in Deutschland sehr viel Geld, da die Krankenkassen die..
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Like a man’s nose

Rhinoplasty – Just like a man’s nose….

Not all noses are the same and not only proverbs are entwined around a person’s nose, but also some bad jokes. Is it perhaps the same with your nose?

Then we can help you: with a rhinoplasty in Turkey. In the middle of Antalya, our medical know-how is available to you at an appointment of your choice to make your nose exactly what you always wanted: an inconspicuous shape.

Unobtrusive and natural

No nose is the way the wearer would have liked it to be. Nevertheless, the problems that many people associate with their olfactory organ are often very obvious. A crooked position, poor nasal breathing, a hump or something similar. The characteristics are not only visually recognizable here, there are often problems sleeping, a clearer susceptibility to diseases of the paranasal sinuses or the like.

Therefore, a nose correction is often not, or at least not only, a cosmetic surgery in Turkey.
Finally breathing freely again, happily looking at your nose or being looked at by others is hardly possible with a conspicuous, functionally restricted nose. We can help you with this, with a nose correction, according to your wishes, according to all currently valid surgical standards.

Medically you don’t have to do without anything – Like a man’s nose

A rhinoplasty costs a lot of money in Germany, since the health insurance companies refuse to cover the costs for almost all interventions in this area. A correction can definitely bring health benefits: better nasal breathing, better sleep, improvement in well-being and thus self-confidence. Unfortunately, you are always stuck with the costs and they can quickly literally grow over your head. So come to Turkey, to Antalya, for this procedure and not only experience a clinic that works according to the latest medical and surgical standards, but also knows exactly about your problems – at significantly lower costs.

A new nose – a new life – Like a man’s nose

Hardly any other intervention changes a person at first glance as significantly as a nose job. Her entire face looks different, maybe a bit strange at first, before she is happy about it. In order to make this adjustment as gentle as possible, we use computer animation to prepare you for the later result and actively involve you in the design process. After all, it’s about your nose and your new life, which you begin to shape with us. An enormous step, of which we are aware and whose importance we are only too happy to accept.

So get in touch with us, come to Turkey and leave behind all the stupid sayings about your (still today) conspicuous nose. Breathe more freely and be happy to show yourself to the other person during a conversation, with eye contact, without thinking about your nose.
Because, like a man’s nose… the rest is up to you. It is up to you and we will be happy to help you with words and deeds. Not only a new nose is waiting for you, but a completely new attitude towards life.