FUE Hair Transplantation – The way to a magnificent Head of Hair

Many people suffering from poor growth of hair or hair loss, facilitated by a false diet or stress. Especially men are threated by common male baldness and are afraid for hair loss. When you are not happy with the fullness of your hair and you are wishing for full hair, an FUE hair plantation can resolve this problem. The technique of hair transplantation has undergone a swift development in the last years. Today it is possible with the FUE technique (Follikel Unit Extraction) to extract gentle hair and transplant it at another place. Off all the methods is the FUE technique the most efficient.

FUE Hair Transplantation Cost

In the European region, a FUE hair transplant is naturally expensive. One reason is, the cost is not covered normally by health insurance. Aesthetic Travel makes it possible for people with a low budget, to have a FUE hair transplant in Turkey. The most expenses occur by this kind of procedure with labour costs and these are much lower in Turkey as all other European countries. According to the complexity of hair transplantation, we will agree with you on a fixed price. This includes all costs for laboratory, medication, aftercare, and more. We will be glad to inform you detailed about incurring costs for hair transplantation in Turkey.

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FUE Hair Transplantation – How is it working?

For a hair transplant with the FUE method, the area for the extraction of hair is shaved. After that, individual follicular hair is extracted, mostly from the back part of the head, also from breast or legs. The hair roots are extracted with a special hypodermic needle a rotary movement and placed on a cooled culture medium for storage. All the follicles have to be sorted by direction of the growth. This will ensure a natural look later and best result.

For the transplant at the aerial has to be made fine holes into the skin. The procedure is done under regional anaesthesia to keep the amount of pain as small as possible. The result will be a natural and permanent growth of hair. Your Aesthetic Travel Team informs you about all the possibilities in your special case!

FUE Hair Transplantation – at a Glance
  • Duration of Treatment

    6-8 Hours

  • Hospitalization


  • Regeneration


  • Costs

    1,990 EUR
    999 EUR

What means FUE Technique?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. This is a method to transplant hair with the extraction of individual hair with special equipment and to replant at another place. With the FUE method can be transplanted scalp hair or body hair. This elaborate transplantation of single hair results in an extra natural look.

Is the FUE Method likely to lead to Success?

Naturally, it depends on your hair situation, if the FUE method is suitable in your case. Maybe it has to be decided on another method for hair transplant. Our hair specialists will clarify in consultation with you beforehand which method will bring the best result for you. Normally, the FUE method gives natural results and has only minimal risks. With this method, there are no scars left behind.

Is the medical Treatment by a Hair Transplant in Turkey comparable to European Standards?

Our specialists for hair transplantations are optimally trained. The medical equipment and methods for the extraction and transplantation of hair are of the highest technical standards. The low costs of the procedure are not in any case reflecting on the excellent quality of the treatment.

Why is a FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey cheaper?

In Turkey, the same accounting system is used in European countries. But labour costs in Turkey are much lower. This low costs will be transferred by Aesthetic Travel to our patients. Even if our patients have travel expenses additional to the costs for treatment, so is a FUE hair transplant in Turkey still cheaper.

What Advantages I have with a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Many people are not only having monetary reasons for a FUE hair transplant in Turkey but just feel better having it done far from home. With this in mind, it is a good idea to have Aesthetic Travel in Antalya combine your treatment with a holiday in Turkey with an all-in-one package for treatment, aftercare, and holiday.

FUE Hair Transplantation Before After

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