Hair transplant: full hair again

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Hair transplant – finally full, healthy hair again The fact that people are extremely different is also shown by the different rates of growth of transplanted hair. Some patients can enjoy new growth after as little as six months, while for others the implants (grafts) take a little longer, perhaps twelve months, to complete this step. In hair surgery, this circumstance is referred to as ‘fast’ and ‘slow grower’.

Hair transplant : When will the new hair appear?

About a day or two after the procedure, you will notice painless but unsightly swelling that can spread to your face. About five days later, these are usually so far gone that even strangers can no longer discover anything out of the ordinary.

After the hair transplant, the implant area has tiny crusts that fall off by about the tenth day. During these approximately fourteen days after the hair transplant, most patients spend a relaxing holiday. Once the scabs have disappeared, your scalp will appear in a delicate pink to reddish hue. It may take two/three months for your scalp to return to its normal color. In order to conceal this a little, cosmetic cover sticks (pharmacy/drugstore) in the appropriate skin color are a good idea.

Hair Transplantation : Hair Transplantation Methods

If the FUT technique (Follicular Unit Transplantation or strip/strip method) was used for your own hair transplant, threads must be removed. This can also be done by your general practitioner after about 14 days. If the innovative FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction or individual removal of the hair follicles) was used, no incision and therefore no threads are required.

Within two/six weeks after the hair surgery, you will lose your implanted hair again for the time being. But don’t worry, the grafts (transplants) suffer from a lack of oxygen as they are removed from their stable environment during the procedure. The new hair is dormant for a period of time, with the ‘hair papillae’ from which the new hair eventually grows firmly anchored in your scalp.

The new growth of implanted hair is individual

The new beginning of your hair starts after about three/five months. During this period, minimal bumps/bumps may form on your scalp as a new hair shaft struggles through. Here, too, the process is individual. Some patients experience significant regrowth of the implanted hair as early as six/eight months, while others may experience significant regrowth as early as three/five months.

If twelve months have passed since your hair transplant, you should definitely observe significant new hair growth. In some cases, enormous positive changes can still occur after eighteen months. The initially filigree hair steadily gains strength and size and continues to grow throughout your life.