Weight Loss through Gastric Reduction in Turkey – Bariatric Surgeries

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Weight Loss through Gastric Reduction in Turkey – Bariatric Surgeries

Bariatric surgeries include all operative procedures aimed at reducing the size of the stomach or altering the gastrointestinal tract. At Aesthetic Travel, bariatric surgeries are performed according to high medical standards. Within the first year after the operation, weight loss of up to 70 kg, and sometimes even more, can be achieved.

Bariatric Surgery – Significant Weight Reduction

Every gastric reduction through surgery or the insertion of a gastric balloon leads to a substantial weight loss. Especially during the first 12 months after the surgery, patients can lose up to 70 kg of body weight. This significant weight loss is attributed to the greatly reduced capacity of the stomach.

In the case of a gastric bypass, hormonal effects also come into play, leading to a reduction in appetite. The rate of weight loss in the initial period after the surgery varies depending on the surgical method used (e.g., bypass, gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy, etc.). For patients who have undergone numerous unsuccessful therapies and finally decide to undergo surgery, weight loss after the operation is often the first real success after a long struggle.

Controlled Weight Loss After the First Year After the Surgery

During the initial period after the surgery, following the reduced diet will likely be relatively easy. Patients who consistently adhere to the dietary guidelines can even lose up to 50% of their original body weight within the first 12 months. However, the surgery is just the first crucial step towards achieving the desired weight. A medically justified dietary plan will now accompany you permanently. It is clear that the high rate of weight loss in the first months cannot be sustained permanently, and this is not desirable for health reasons either. There may even be temporary periods of stagnation. If weight gain occurs, it is often due to dietary mistakes or lack of physical activity. Until reaching a normal weight, you should continue to lose weight regularly in the following years.

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Bariatric Surgeries: Dietary Plan and Exercise

Adhering to the dietary guidelines is important. At the same time, you should also engage in physical activity. The significant weight loss in the year after the surgery allows you to be more mobile and participate in various physical activities. Once postoperative discomfort has subsided, you can join a fitness center or a hiking or other sports group. Exercising in a group promotes discipline and makes it more enjoyable. By incorporating exercise, you can avoid significant muscle loss due to the high weight loss. Physical activity is a crucial requirement for sustainable weight loss and later for maintaining normal weight.

Bariatric Surgeries: Success through Bariatric Surgery in Turkey

With a gastric reduction at Aesthetic Travel, the renowned clinic in Turkey, you put an end to endless yo-yo effects, ineffective diets, and failed therapies. You will be operated on by specialists with extensive experience and high success rates in bariatric surgeries. From the first day, you will be taken care of and advised by an excellent medical team in German language. Regardless of the surgical method you individually choose, you will experience substantial weight loss in the following period. You will gain mobility, enjoyment of physical activity, sociability, and more zest for life. It is important to seek medically experienced nutritional counseling after returning home and to continue the weight loss program vigorously.