IVF in Turkey

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With an in vitro fertilisation, the fertilisation of the female ovum is done artificially in a laboratory. The treatment can last for several cycles over a period of a few weeks.

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) by Specialist in Turkey

An unfulfilled wish for a child can be a burden for the relation. With today’s possibilities of artificial insemination can specialists help. Besides the intrauterine insemination is the method of the in vitro fertilisation very successful.

The team from Aesthetic-Travel in Antalya has the needed contacts to these renowned centres for women wishing to become pregnant in Turkey. These specialized doctors have the knowledge and long-term experience and sensibility to help you with your personal wish for a child. We are glad to be of any help and arrange the first consultation with them. Contact us in any way and we are glad to answer your questions.

In Vitro Fertilisation – Extensive Consultation, Diagnosis and an individually Treatment Concept

The IVF rests upon the method of taking ova out of the female body and to fertilise them with the semen of the partner to place them back into the womb. This method will be explained in detail to you by Turkish specialists. You will be informed about risks and complications, alternative treatments, also the costs of IVF in Turkey will be stated. After a thorough anamnesis and diagnostic, it will be decided on the best way and method for your fertilisation concept.

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A Chance for Couples without Children

Your ova will be extern in am embryological laboratory fertilised with the sperm of your partner and several placed back into the womb. In a fortunate case, pregnancy is developing. Sometimes it happens that this method results in multiple pregnancies. See this procedure as your chance!

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The procedure of the Turkish Specialist by an artificial Insemination

Especially with a wish for a child, there is needed not only professional competence and long-term expertise but considerably approach of all persons involved. Naturally, the IVF in Turkey is performed by the latest European standards for medicine and technique.

Get convinced by us: In your case, we work with the most competent and considerate doctors who are specialised for in vitro fertilisation.

In Vitro Fertlisation: Detailed Procedure

As the name suggests, in vitro fertilisation is performed outside the female body in a specialised embryological laboratory. The IVF can be a useful measure when you are diagnosed with an occlusion of the fallopian tube or advanced endometriosis. Before the extraction of ova, a hormone treatment by injection is needed. After the ovulation ova is extracted via the vagina from the ovary. You will be for this under general anaesthetic with the help and assistance of our anaesthetic team.

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The same day the ova will be fertilised with the sperm of your partner in vitro. One day after this procedure the doctor can tell how many ova have been fertilised. That’s the time you and your doctor decide how many of them will be frozen and stored. Others will be placed back into your womb. Within the next two weeks, you will have to take progesterone on a daily basis. The doctor will test if the embryos have lodged and pregnancy is on its way.

The team of Aesthetic-Travel wishing you all the success to have your wish for child fulfilled. We are here to arrange for an appointment for a consultation with a Turkish specialist for artificial insemination.

IVF in Turkey – At a glance

Duration of Procedure

1 - 3 Weeks

Hospital Stay

1 - 3 Weeks

Recovery Time

1 - 3 Weeks


from 3,990 EUR

IVF in Turkey – Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, patients should consider for an IVF treatment about six to eight weeks. Within this time the following steps are performed:

  • Preparation for the IVF (consultation, preliminary cycle)
  • hormonal stimulation (about 2 weeks with 2-4 appointments for medical ultrasound)
  • Extraction of follicles
  • Transfer of embryos
  • two-week observation phase for pregnancy
  • medical ultrasound
  • with a positive result, you are released to your gynaecologist

In specialised literature is to read, that by impulsively fathered children risk for malformation exists of 3 to 4 per cent. This percentage is slightly higher with artificial insemination from 4 to 5 per cent. This can be explained with a higher percentage of premature birth with malformations like cardiac defects.

If there is a transmissible disease like HIV-positive or hepatitis C virus infection, the infection of the healthy partner and the unborn child has to be protected.

If the male partner has this kind of diseases, the sperm will be prepared so that no virus can be transmitted to the woman or ovum. If the female partner is infected, treatment with drugs over the period of the pregnancy is conducted, the child is inoculated and a Caesarian delivery induced. Like with all medical procedures, there can be no 100 per cent certainty, that partner or child not get infected. Albeit the risk is nominal!