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Your desire for a child is big, but by the natural way it won’t work up to now? The medicine is offering, in this case, different possibilities of artificial insemination. With these methods, you can have your child.

The team of Aesthetic-Travel in Antalya has contacts to renowned specialists in centres for women wishing to become pregnant in Turkey. These specialists have made themselves quite a name in this field with profound knowledge and long-term expertise. They work with discretion and sensitivity by your side with artificial insemination. We can help you to build the first contact and consultation for your problem. Contact us, we are here to help you!

Artificial Insemination: Extensive Consultation, Diagnostic, and individual Treatment Concept

In the centres for women wishing to become pregnant, you will have a good feeling. Our specialists for artificial insemination and hormonotherapy taking their time for you and your partner. In private talks, your medical history is recorded and pre-existing conditions are registered. An extensive diagnostic is done including both partners. With all these data an individual treatment concept is worked out. It implies various hormone therapies and different varieties of artificial insemination.

There are individual Ways for Fulfilment of your Wish for Child

The Turkish wish for child experts performs hormone therapies and different techniques of artificial insemination with a high grade of competence and expertise referring to European standards and techniques.

Procedures and Techniques

An unrealised wish for a child can have many roots. One way to get to the bottom of this is the anamnesis. Once the reason has established the Turkish specialist inform you about risks and complications and give you some alternative treatment methods and explain to you the costs of a hormonotherapy or artificial insemination in Turkey. When our specialists diagnosed a hormone disorder, reasons can be a high volume of male hormones or dysfunction of the thyroid gland. Our doctors will offer you adequate treatment. With light endometriosis and a good spermiogram of your partner a pregnancy can be achieved, when sexual intercourse is optimized for your menstrual cycle.

Another possibility is intrauterine insemination (IUI) or assisted insemination. With this sperm of your partner is prepared and on the day of your ovulation placed in your uterus. It makes sense to stimulate the ovary by hormones. This method will enhance the success of pregnancy more. There are two more methods available for artificial insemination. The ordinary In-Vitro-Fertilisation or IVF and the extended In-Vitro-Fertilisation with a microinjection fo sperms into the ovum. This will be explained in more detail on a separate page.

Aesthetic-Travel can help you to get an appointment for extensive consultation with a Turkish specialist for a hormonotherapy or Artificial Insemination. Please, contact us and we are glad to help you! Get professional help and don’t lose hope for a child!