Bleaching – Experience a very new Feeling with your Teeth

Not everybody has beautiful white and gleaming teeth by nature. People have different colours of teeth, depending on the individual structure, function, and oral flora. Also, some foodstuff and semiluxury food like cola, tea or coffee, is responsible and even red wine leaves behind impacts. Some medications and genetically inheritance pattern leads to tooth discolouration and residue.

With the help of professional teeth bleaching in Turkey arranged by Aesthetic Travel in Antalya, you can have your personal “White” back! Contact our team, ask your questions and have an appointment on short notice!

The Bleaching Treatment for your Teeth – Procedure and Mode of Operation

The bleaching is done with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). This is a substance leading to a chemical reaction of the stains of the teeth called oxidation and lightens the teeth. A colour scale has several white tiers, but only 2-3 are possible. Every human has a natural colour of the teeth. Your dentist team in Turkey set great value upon a natural appearance and selects a colour for your teeth fitting to your person.

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Process – The Teeth Bleaching

Zahnbleaching Kosten

Naturally healthy as also dead teeth can be bleached. One has to bear in mind, that by root-treated teeth the bleaching substance has to be inserted into the open tooth. Experts talking about this kind of internal bleach or walking bleach.

There are a few possibilities to bleach healthy teeth: You can do it at home as home bleaching treatment or in a dentist clinic as in-clinic bleaching. Your Aesthetic Travel Team in Turkey will facilitate one for you. If you have decided on the home bleaching version you will receive an individually prepared synthetic splint. In this splint, the patient has to fill the application substance. To bleach your teeth carefully, it is not advised to wear the splint longer than 4-6 weeks. Additionally, patients should see periodically a dentist for a check-up.

If you decide for in-clinic bleaching, we can perform the bleaching with a highly concentrated bleaching substance (>0,1 5 H2O2). The gums have to be protected with rubber cuffs or sealing material. As the following step, the bleaching substance is directly applied to the teeth, controlled by your dentist. At the end of the procedure, the bleaching substance is fully removed. In case, after a few days, the procedure can be repeated.

If you are interested in a bleaching treatment while in Turkey, ask our Aesthetic Travel Team in Antalya and we will find a suitable dentist for you!. We recommend to our patient to have a professional tooth cleaning before the bleaching procedure to remove efficient unwanted deposits.

Teeth Bleaching – at a Glance
  • Duration of Treatment

    1 Hour

  • Hospitalization


  • Regeneration


  • Costs

    from 200 EUR

Can I bleach my teeth at home?

Yes. For a home bleaching patients receive a synthetic splint with a bleaching solvent and can do the bleaching for a few weeks.

Is it possible to bleach teeth with household remedies?

The internet is full of possibilities to bleach teeth, e. g. with baking soda, lemon, olive oil, and more. These measures have to be taken with uppermost cautiousness and we advise against the use. Very quick the crucial tooth enamel is destroyed and bacteria can enter the inner tooth for more destruction!

What Expenses I will have with a Bleaching by a Dentist?

The expenses depending on the kind of bleaching and the country and place. In Turkey, you can not only save money, once you have decided on teeth bleaching with Aesthetic Travel, but you can enjoy at the same time your holiday and go back home with a gleaming white smile!

How long a Teeth Bleaching lasts?

The effect of a teeth bleaching last about one year, sometimes a little bit longer.