Endodontics – The Root Canal Treatment

Once a tooth is sick, e. g. with caries, bacteria can enter and damage or destroy the pulp. Radiculitis is the result in different degrees. Those affected complain about exogenous irritations from cold and hot, later follow redness, swelling, and throbbing pain.

How proceeds a Therapy of Root Canal Treatment?

At the begin of endodontic treatment, the affected tooth is anaesthetised and the oral cavity sealed with a dental dam. To get to the root canals your dentist is using ultra flexible disposable nickel-titan files. An endometry measuring follows. After this, the real cleaning of the open canals begins. To get a 100 per cent asepsis and to reach the bacterial foci, in Turkey we use ultrasonic rinsing solutions and diode lasers.

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Periodontology – The Science of the Periodontal Apparatus

Endodontie & Parodontologie Kosten

Three forms of the disease are most often seen in periodontology: Gingivitis is an infection of the gum; periodontitis is an infection of the periodontium, and with peri-implantitis, the bone is infected which is surrounding an implant. All parodistic symptoms are triggered by bacteria in large amounts by lack of teeth hygiene and oral hygiene.

The most seen form is periodontitis. This form is divided into chronic periodontitis which is progressing slowly, and the aggressive periodontitis, which is progressing fast.

How is Parodontitis treated?

The goal of every parodistic treatment is the total elimination of all hard and soft plaque at the teeth and below the gum. Often an exhaustive cleansing of the gingival pockets shows already satisfying results. If not, an operative procedure can be done to bring the desired result. Very aggressive strains of bacteria have to be treated with antibiotics.

After 4-6 weeks an intermediate checking is needed by your dentist. Generally, after a year 3-4 periodontal treatments are necessary to reduce more risks.

Endodontie & Parodontologie – at a Glance
  • Duration of Treatment

    1 - 2 Hours

  • Hospitalization


  • Regeneration


  • Costs

    from 60 EUR

How much on Expenses do I have to calculate for an Endodontically Treatment?

Expenses vary according to the complexity of treatment. The cost will rise the more root canals have to be cleaned.

Does Health Insurance cover the Expenses for an Endodontics Treatment?

It depends and not all expenses are always covered. Please contact our Aesthetic Travel Team in Antalya, if you are interested in treatment in Turkey.

How do Gingival Pockets develop?

With every periodontal disease not promptly and professional treated, the whole periodontal apparatus will be destroyed. Bacteria irritating the gum continuously brings the immune defence to destroy the tissue. The gum will detach from the teeth, the bone will degenerate and gingival pockets develop.

What Factors play a role in the Development of Parodontitis?

Besides a genetical inheritance pattern and already existing systemic diseases like rheumatism or leukaemia, also stress plays a role in the development of periodontitis. Statistically, become smokers more often diseased with periodontitis and therapies fail more often.