Dental Implants in Turkey

Whether only one tooth or multiple teeth are missing by ailment or by accident, with the help of dental implants you can have your quality of life back. We here from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya can recommend a specialist for implantology in Turkey. Just ask us and we will be glad to help you with your questions. Call us!

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The Dental Implant – What is it?

A dental implant is a fixed denture. This can be implanted ambulant and under local anaesthetic into your jaw like an artificial root. Usually, implants have high biocompatibility, are mechanically very resilient, stable, and extremely durable. Summarizing, implants give optimal comfort while chewing and have almost the feeling of natural teeth.

What is the Procedure with a Dental Implantation?

The implantation is a surgical operation and can also be performed by anxious patients general anaesthetic. There are differences between a one-stage method as an open technique with a visible fastener and a two-stage method with a closed technique and invisible fastener.

Once the surface of the wound has healed, this takes about 7-10 days, the deep phase of healing begins. This can vary and depends on bone quality and place of the implant. Our specialists in dental orthodontia estimating this time for the upper jaw for 4-6 months and the lower jaw about 3-4 month. For this period patients get a temporary denture.

When the implant has completely healed the implant structure can be produced and as individual super construction be placed into the jaw as a bridge, cap or fixed denture.

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Important Preconditions and the correct care for your Dental Implants

Not every patient can have a dental implant in Turkey. For a professional treatment are a few steps necessary. Only when these are properly followed, it will result in a gleaming smile.

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Which preconditions are necessary for a Dental Implantation?

Just at the start of dental implant treatment, you will need to have an overall and detailed consultation, diagnostic and strategy with our team of dentists in Turkey. You will be examined on your jaws and soft tissues, for caries, for specific tooth displacement, as also attrition. It needs an interview about your medical history, also your dental anamnesis. A basic requirement is to be free of uloglossitis and healthy oral flora.

Otherwise, a dental implant can only be implanted when there is enough bone material in the jaw with sufficient density and thickness. To evaluate this a digital volume tomography has to be done. It is necessary to prepare a drilling template. With this, your implant will have the highest mass on precession. If there is not enough bone substance, Aesthetic Travel in Antalya can offer and recommend you to specialists for a bone grafting. We will be glad to inform you about all the possibilities. Give us a call?

How do I maintain my Dental Implants correctly?

Same as with your real, natural teeth, a correct oral and tooth care is essential together with toothpaste, dental floss, and the right practice.

In addition, it is recommended to have periodically professional tooth cleaning and fluoridation. We can arrange for a combination for this together with other treatments on your stay here in Turkey.

Dental Implants – at a Glance
  • Duration of Treatment

    1 - 6 Hours

  • Hospitalization


  • Regeneration


  • Costs

    from 500 EUR

Will I have Pain after the Dental Implantation?

With the use of a minimally invasive procedure, there will be almost no pain with your individual artificial teeth here in Turkey. Your body will need like for every wound a certain healing period and this varies from patient to patient.

What Risks can I encounter with a Dental Implant?

Risk can occur only if there is from the beginning on not enough bone substance, the dentist works imprecisely or with deficient oral hygiene. We from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya inform you about this all in detail beforehand!

What is the Procedure of a Dental Implantation?

After an overall consultation, documentation of anamnesis, and planning the implant or implants are implanted under local anaesthesia or on your special wish under general anaesthetic.

Once the deep healing phase has been finished, the implant structure as a bridge, cap or denture is fixed on your implant.

How is the Pricing for Dental Implants?

The prices for dental implants vary from country to country and even region and depending on the used implantation techniques. Maybe you are interested in the All-on-4 method? Ask our Aesthetic-Travel team in Antalya for an individual offer. We will be glad to be of help!

Does Health Insurance cover Dental Implants?

Naturally, no. Dental implants are a private health service and have to be paid by the patient individually. Maybe there is a grant in aid, maybe some private health policies cover partly or in whole dental implants. You will have to clear this with your insurance beforehand.

A good possibility to save on dental implants is, to have it done in Turkey. Here are the costs for personal and overhead much lower without compromising on quality.