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Some patients with the ailment of morbid obesity (adiposity) suffer also at the-2 diabetes. Both syndromes belong to the so-called multiple chronically metabolic diseases. Dyslipidemia belongs in this category, too. The whole body suffers. Starting at specific organs, and strain the joints, up to your psyche. Obese persons are often excluded from society, it’s hard for them to find contact or work, and escape is only possible with professional help.

We from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya are here to help you, to take your life back. With the help of metabolical surgery, especially with the transit bipartition by Santoro, our whole team of surgeons in Turkey can give your high spirits back and to stable health. Talk to us

What is metabolic Surgery?

Metabolic surgery is a procedure into a functional organ system to result in a positive effect on your health. Obesity surgery is part of the metabolic surgery. Patients will lose weight efficiently. In connection with e. g. diabetes such surgery has a positive effect on this ailment. This kind of gastric surgery regulates metabolism.

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Your surgical gastric Treatment in Turkey

Transit Bipartition Türkei Kosten

Besides a Duodenojejunalen Bypass and an Ileum-Interposition is the transit Bipartition part of the adipositas surgery. The treatment focus on patients with a serious chronic disorder e. g. type 2 diabetes mellitus. From a medical view, you will have many positive effects with this method performed in Turkey. Do you have questions? No problem, don’t hesitate to ask, we from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya are here to advise you!

The process of a Transit Bipartition

The transit bipartition is a process when the intestine is bipartite and diverted. It begins with a tubular gastric operation, followed by a connection between the lower small intestine and the stomach. The small intestine will be cut close to the large intestine and bipartite. The end coming from the stomach will be connected to the large intestine.

Because of the bipartition of the intestine food can come on the normal way (about 1/3) via the pylorus, duodenum, and small intestine or in a direct way (about 2/3) to the end of the small intestine. Hormonal mechanisms will be activated. This will produce an early duodenum. Since food will be digested also in a natural way, malabsorption is avoided.

Transit Bipartition – at a Glance
  • Duration of Treatment

    2 - 3 Hours

  • Hospitalization

    4 Days

  • Regeneration

    2 Days

  • Costs

    from 3,990 EUR

What is a Transit Bipartition?

At a transit bipartition, a tubular gastric surgery is performed and a large part of the stomach is separated. After that, a connection is provided between the lower part of the small intestine and the lower part of the stomach without cutting any part of the intestine. The food has now two different ways. There should be no indigestion.

This procedure is not only performed by overweight, but also by patients with type 2 diabetes.

How the operations proceeds?

First, a tubular gastric operation is done. For this purpose, an extensive prior checking is done to preempt, that there are infections or tumours. Additionally, the liver, pancreas, and gall bladder will be examined.

The procedure will be done under general anaesthetic and takes about one hour. The operation will be done with the keyhole technic and a few 2 centimetres cuts will be made. Here a camera and operating instruments will be inserted. A stapler is used to cut a large part of the stomach. Not before this can be performed the transit bipartition.

For a follow-up check it will be necessary to stay in the hospital for 3 to 5 days.

For whom a Transit Bipartition is adequate?

This operation is not only for patients with a BMI of more than 40 but for everybody with a type 2 diabetes ailment and a BMI of 35.

For patients who take to much high-calorie food like sweets or alcoholic beverages this method is unsuitable. In this case, we are glad, to inform you about other options.

How the loss of weight is doing?

Since the method is still very young, there are no long-term results. But it is to recognize, that this kind of procedure has great success. You can lose between 33 to 83 per cent of your overweight.

Are there any Risks or Side effects?

After a tubular gastric surgery, the intestine cannot absorb enough vitamin B12, it will be necessary to add this as a food supplement.

Complications and risks while or after surgery depend on the health of patients and can greatly differ.

What for accompanying Measures do I have to consider?

You will have to change your diet permanently. Nutrition counselling will be a good idea. In the first two weeks after surgery, you can eat only fluid or passed food. After that everything is allowed, but you should avoid too much fat. Food should be taken on five to seven little meals over the whole day.

Are there additional costs?

No! All prices of Aesthetic Travel are inclusive prices without any additional costs for you.

Transit Bipartition Before After

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