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The Gastric Ballon

Many people suffering from obesity (adiposity), even when tried more than once to change the diet, to exercise and to refrain from sugar. We from Aesthetic Travel offer for patients with this kind of problems help in form of operative surgery. Just talk to us!

One of the restrictive methods in gastric surgery in Turkey we offer to our patients is a gastric balloon. The gastric balloon is an oval capsule. This can be swallowed or inserted through a gastroscopy from our specialists. Once in place it will be filled with a substance, normally, air or a saline solution. Since it is only a small operation for about 30 minutes, patients can leave the hospital still the same day. To eliminate any risks, the gastric balloon will be removed after 3 to 6 months from our specialist in Turkey. This measure is necessary to prevent irritations of the gastric mucosa.

The costs of the insertion of a gastric ballon are individuell and depend on several factors. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to ask our Aesthetic Travel Team in Antalya.

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Magenballon Türkei Kosten

Advantages & Preconditions for a Gastric Balloon

A few requirements are needed before you can have your gastric balloon inserted in Turkey: You should suffer from obesity and have at least a Body-Mass-Index (BMI) of 40. If you are having severe health problems because of your weight a BMI of 35 is sufficient. You must be of legal age. Other hindrances are, if you are having psychic problems or consuming alcohol or drugs. You have also not be over the age of 65.

Before you should inform yourself about the procedure, some risks and side effects, as well as the change of your lifestyle. We, from the Aesthetic Travel Team will be glad to advise you in this matter.

What Advantages gives a Gastric Balloon

By means of the inserted balloon in the stomach, the body signals a feeling of satiety. This restrictive method supports a change in diet. Because of the easy and fast insertion of the gastric balloon, can you leave the hospital the same day. With this procedure, no anatomical changes are made. After a certain period of time the capsule will be removed.

Gastric Ballon – at a Glance
  • Duration of Treatment

    1 Hour

  • Hospitalization


  • Regeneration


  • Costs

    from 2,390 EUR

What is Gastric Ballon?

The elastic, soft balloon of silicone will be placed in the upper part of the stomach and filled with a saline solution. The gastric balloon floating freely in the stomach and producing a quick feeling of satiety. It can stay in the stomach for up to six months, after that it has to be removed.

To Whom a Gastric Ballon is applicable?

Applicant is a gastric balloon for patients with a BMI from 25 to 40. Furthermore, it is a preparation for an operation for patients with very heavy overweight.

How is the Procedure of Insertion and Removal of a Gastric Balloon?

The empty gastric balloon is inserted through the mouth and oesophagus. The larynx will be loyally anaesthesized. Once the balloon is in the stomach it will be filled with the help of a small tube with a saline solution. The procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes and after a short while of observation the patient can go.

The removal is also oral and straightforward. Through a catheter the balloon is emptied. After that it will be removed the same way as it was inserted.

How sucessful is the loss of weight?

The gastric balloon is only an adjuvant for a faster feeling of satiety. Important is also a accompanying change of diet and some excersise. It is possible to lose between 10 to 20 kilograms within six months.

Are there Risks or Side Effects?

It can occur a scratchy throat, sometimes accompanied by nausea. This minor ailments can be treated with medication and will not last long.

Theoretically the gastric balloon can burst, but this possibility is extremely low. In case of this, the saline solution is coloured and will affect the urine. Doctors will remove the burst gastric balloon or it will come out the natural way by itself.

Do I have to consider accompanying measures?

It is recommended to get nutrition counselling. Also excersise and sport can help to lose weight. For a quick reduction of weight the gastric ballon is not suitable. After removal there is danger of the so called jojo-effect and a rapid gain of weight.

Are there any additional Costs?

Since we at Aesthetic Travel have basically all-inclusive prices, there will be no extra costs.

Gastric Ballon Before After

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