Bariatric Surgery in Turkey: Reset Button for a Healthier Life

bariatric surgery in turkey
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Bariatric Surgery in Turkey: Reset Button for a Healthier Life

Bariatric surgery, also known as obesity surgery, is an umbrella term for all surgical interventions that intend to reduce body weight. It is particularly common in the USA, Scandinavia and Central Europe. It helps many people to achieve a high quality of life. In UK, bariatric interventions are rather rare, as the health insurance companies only approve them under very special circumstances. If you are hoping for a better quality of life through weight reduction, but do not have the appropriate financial means, you can have the desired procedure carried out cheaply and easily abroad.

How Does Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Work?

In weight-reducing surgery, the stomach or intestines are changed in such a way that they no longer allow excessive calorie intake. This is usually referred as a stomach reduction. The majority of the stomach is tied off with a so-called gastric band in such a way that it has less volume and automatically reduces appetite without creating any psychological strain. The stomach remains intact. In this case, the band can be removed again.

The alternative to reversible gastric band surgery is the permanent gastric bypass. Here, the stomach is permanently reduced in size through the surgical formation of a gastric pocket and reconnected to the small intestine. The actual and noticeable weight reduction occurs particularly over a longer period of time in the first two years after the procedure. After the first phase of strong weight reduction, this slows down again. Bariatric surgery requires patience, cooperation and is not to be confused with an immediate procedure such as liposuction.

Who is bariatric surgery suitable for?

Although bariatric surgery is now a safe and promising procedure, it should not be used as the first choice. Bariatric surgery is only an option when other attempts at weight loss have failed or had poor results. In addition, a change in the gastrointestinal area requires a responsible lifestyle adjustment. Although the body takes in fewer calories, it must be supplied with sufficient nutrients and liquid due to the lower stomach capacity. Certain food, medicine and intoxicants are also not suitable for altered stomach. In addition, there should be no serious physical or mental illness in order to cope well with the procedure and the aftercare.

Better quality of life through rapid weight loss

Bariatric surgery in Turkey often brings great success in losing weight in a relatively short time. The quality of life increases with every lost kilogram. Accompanying diseases, such as forms of diabetes or sleep apnea, also become weaker with weight loss. If the weight reduction is particularly successful, a gastric band can also be removed if necessary. However, this requires a permanent change in lifestyle in order not to regain the lost kilograms. A healthy diet, regular exercise and medical check-ups are necessary to maintain the desired weight permanently, even without a gastric band.

A bariatric procedure can give hope when other weight loss attempts have failed and no other perspectives are available. Get advice from experts. Give yourself a new chance.


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